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At the end of March 2023, during the season of blooming cherry blossoms, the wisdom of combining Eastern and Western cultures comes alive in the DSEU lectures. The DSEU MBA/EMBA program is set to commence in June 2023. Guiding the founding personality, Professor Geshe Michael Roach, and DSEU President Professor Zhou Xiaoping, share with us the wonderful story of DSEU from the serene and beautiful tea room in Kyoto.

The academic feature of DSEU is referred to as “Deep Extension Education,” which goes beyond traditional business school curriculum design by incorporating additional elements that will shape DSEU students into outstanding entrepreneurs throughout their lives.

The most important aspect of “Deep Extension Education” is “comparison and contrast.”

For example, you will study textbooks and courses with the same standards as Harvard Business School and acquire the same standard competencies. At the same time, in your financial management course, you will also learn from the ancient Eastern and Western classical traditions, which will help you manage finances better than ordinary business school graduates.

For instance, we may delve into a few pages of great work from the Tang Dynasty, a truly prosperous era in traditional China, to extract advice on managing corporate finances without competitive emotions. This will liberate your consciousness, allowing you to focus on greater financial success.

Zhou Xiaoping

Founder and President of DSEU

We wanted to establish DSEU because it will be a truly unique university in the world. As the guiding founder, could you please share with us the special aspects of DSEU’s curriculum?

Geshe Michael Roach

Guiding Founder of DSEU

Why is DSEU’s curriculum design so special? I have pondered this question for many years. As I sat with my students and explained it to them, the answer to this question became clearer and clearer.

We have the Eastern world, and we have the Western world. First, this world has the traditional culture from Socrates, which we call Greco-Roman culture, representing the Western world. Second, this world has the traditional culture from the East. You see, we are sitting in a Tang Dynasty-style tea room, and behind us is the famous Tang Dynasty Great Wild Goose Pagoda.

Yes, on the right side, we have Greece and Rome, and on the left side, we have great professors from China and India. The left side represents the East, and the right side represents the West.

In the first class at DSEU, I clearly saw how we were integrating the East and the West, and they were coming together in this university. Furthermore, there is another integration in the curriculum design of DSEU, which is the combination of the modern and the classical.

The Western classical period, which can be traced back approximately 2000 years ago or even 1000 years before that, you can say it is the classical period of Western thought. On this foundation, we incorporate Eastern wisdom.

We draw from the essence of the East and the West. We combine the best ancient professors from the East and the West with the best modern professors from the East and the West. These four aspects are all splendid, and it is an incredible combination.

In the past few days, as I have witnessed the students’ reactions to these two integrated teachings and the profound impact they have had on them, I feel extremely excited about this university.

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