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At the end of March 2023, during the season when cherry blossoms filled the air, DSEU, which integrates the essence of Eastern and Western cultures, began its wisdom-filled journey. The DSEU MBA/EMBA program is set to officially commence in June 2023. Guided by the founding personality, Professor Geshe Michael Roach, and DSEU President Professor Zhou Xiaoping, we were treated to a beautiful tale about DSEU in a serene and picturesque tea room in Kyoto.

President Zhou Xiaoping:

The opening ceremony at the end of March was truly grand, and we have already begun teaching some courses. The students who have been admitted to the inaugural EMBA/MBA program have filled me with excitement. They have been deeply moved by profound wisdom and have already started transforming. It is exhilarating to think about how our 20-month curriculum will impact them.

The enrollment process for DSEU is still underway, and more students will join our inaugural EMBA/MBA program. Is there any advice you would like to give to the Pioneer Class and the students of the inaugural EMBA/MBA program? How do you envision their lives and careers after 20 months?

Professor Geshe Michael Roach:

When I first went to see my teacher, he was teaching in the kitchen. There were about ten students at that time, and I was one of the first students in his class. I am convinced that the essence of this wisdom is so beautiful.

I am a beekeeper, and my wife and I keep bees. Once the first batch of flowers blooms in spring, the bees get very excited, and they celebrate joyfully. You see them spending the whole winter inside the beehive, only having expired food to eat, but when the cherry blossoms bloom and the flowers on the trees open up, the bees come to the flowers and roll around in them.

To me, it seems like they’re just playing as if they’re having a beer. They roll around in the flowers as if they’re smiling, and there’s no need for anyone to advertise the beauty of the flowers.

When a few bees from the first batch discover it, they get extremely excited and quickly rush back home to tell all the other bees. Then you see the bees pouring out. In one beehive, there are eight to ten thousand bees, and it can be a bit scary. There are four or five thousand bees gathering on that tree.

I feel that DSEU is the same. It will advertise itself. I don’t think we need to worry. I believe people will feel how beautiful it is, and naturally, they will tell others. I believe wisdom is like the fragrance of a flower, and any bee will fly over to appreciate a special flower. They will come on their own.

My only concern is that people might miss the first part. The first part of the flower is the sweetest, and the initial months and years of DSEU will be the sweetest part. People will remember the beginning. Simply for that reason, I hope people will hear about it, and I hope they will tell their friends, without any coercion or advertising.

I will never forget one time when I was in Phoenix, Arizona, teaching. I had just finished a two-week course, and I went to attend a yoga class, where someone recognized me and asked, “Are you still teaching in Phoenix?” I said, “I just finished a two-week teaching session.” I remember their faces; they looked very sad. So, I think it is our responsibility to let friends know, to let people know about DSEU, but without coercion, without advertising. If they miss it, they will feel really bad. Yes, it’s a pity. That’s what I wanted to say.

President Zhou Xiaoping:

Thank you for your wholehearted dedication to DSEU, and thank you for all your wonderful teachings.

Professor Geshe Michael Roach:

It was only this week that I realized I have never taught business before. I have always taught DCIG, teaching universal methods for success, but I have never taught all the details of how to do business. Now the opportunity has come, and it’s wonderful. It’s very interesting, and I think it’s helpful.

President Zhou Xiaoping:

Thank you so much for writing textbooks for DSEU.

Professor Geshe Michael Roach:

For me, it’s an extra burden. I already have so much work. I thought I wouldn’t be excited about writing new books, but when I started writing, I realized they are so special. They will be very, very special textbooks. We have already written four to five books, and it’s so exhilarating. I’m excited myself.

President Zhou Xiaoping:

Yes, it’s a treasure for DSEU and the world.

Grateful to you.

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