Guiding Founder

Geshe Michael Roach

Geshe Michael Roach is an American who graduated from Princeton University with honors, and has received the Presidential Scholar Medal from the President of the United States, at the White House. He is also one of the founders of Andin International of Manhattan—which as an entrepreneur himself, Michael helped build into a global, East-West diamond jewelry company.


Zhou Xiaoping & Stanley Chen

Zhou Xiaoping

Founder & President

The president of DSEU is Zhou Xiaoping, a young entrepreneur from Shenzhen, China who has co-founded a number of highly successful commercial startups; charities; and cultural preservation organizations. These include Future Diamond Institute, active globally in business & management training programs; and Pure Gold, a large international business translation company with over 50 active translators.

Xiaoping herself is also a translator of ancient Asian classical literature, concentrating on the field of ethics. Her university studies in Xiamen, China, also focused on modern spoken and written English translation for businesses; she is as well a professor at the Sedona College of International Management in the United States, and a senior teacher for the Diamond Cutter International Global business education company.

Stanley Chen

Founder & Vice President

Our university vice-president is Stanley Chen, who is a co-founder of the above-mentioned Future Diamond Institute, and Pure Gold technical translation company. His university studies in China focused on human resources, which has helped him build a strong international team for his successful business endeavors, reaching from a number of countries in Asia to America and Europe. He is as well a translator of ancient Asian classics, specializing in epistemological literature from the 4th Century up to the Tang Dynasty of the late 8th Century. Stanley is also a professor at SCIM in the United States, and a senior teacher for DCIG.

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