The Vision, Mission and Values


As Christopher Columbus helped discover, our world is a round globe, half western and half eastern.

The foundation model of the modern university is decidedly Western, sourcing back to Greece of about 400 BC—beginning with the Academy of the philosopher Plato, which featured the method of inquisitive dialogue pioneered by his teacher, Socrates.  Ten thousand works, or major pieces of works, survive in the classical Greek.

Over 200 thousand high-quality works survive in the classical languages of Asia, and each one delves deep into ideas which can be very valuable for a successful life, and for building a successful business.

Imagine a university for creating entrepreneurs which takes full advantage not just of the accumulated wisdom of the western half of the globe; but also that of the eastern half.  A whole world!  And then imagine that this spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity expands to all the departments of a major university: business, medicine, law, history, literature, and many more.  Now you have a taste of our vision for Diamond Silk Entrepreneur University: the very best of West and East, for learning how to do highly helpful & successful business all over this very round world.


Diamond Silk University seeks to utilize the accumulated wisdom of both the Western and Eastern parts of the world to create students who epitomize the ancient ideal of a Junzi, or Renaissance Person.  A person who combines the best of classical wisdom and modern business acumen, and can thus make a positive mark on the entire globe, both East and West.

Our university’s mission is reflected in our name.  The Diamond Cutter Sutra is likely the most read & reproduced book in the history of the entire world, and provides an extraordinary blueprint for any successful business.  The book has been spread throughout the globe for 25 centuries, chiefly along the track of the historic Silk Road.

And we seek in our University to create not just an especially competent corporate manager, but rather a creative Entrepreneur who seeks to craft innovative & impactful international enterprise which will help fellow inhabitants worldwide to live a more prosperous and satisfying life.  This entrepreneurial spirit of creativity will expand to all the departments of the University—covering all the subjects of business, medicine, law, history, literature, and the other components of a major university.


The values of Diamond Silk Entrepreneur University are very easily summed up. 

Suppose that all the people and experiences that any human being ever meets with, over the length of their entire life, are being produced moment to moment by seeds in each person’s mind.  And suppose those seeds are planted by the precise content of our interactions with others.  Help another person—any person—to succeed in their business, and then your own business inevitably succeeds.

The values of our university follow automatically: We seek to do our part to build an entire world of mutual cooperation, prosperity, and happiness.

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