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The torch of knowledge never extinguishes. And the light of wisdom illuminates the path ahead.

On May 21, 2023, the DSEU open class took place with a combination of online live streaming and offline events in 12 cities. The theme of this open class was “Value Leadership” for EMBA and MBA courses, aiming to discuss the path to creating business leadership qualities and walking alongside the wise.

As the conference began, a wave of heartfelt emotions surged as greetings and blessings poured in from online and offline participants in the 12 cities, transcending the distances between classmates. They extended virtual handshakes to their teachers and friends from different cities, symbolizing deep connections and sharing this rare opportunity for gathering and joyful moments.

In the classroom, Geshe Michael Roach presented from different perspectives the six qualities that Western textbooks consider essential for business leaders:

  1. Enjoying hard work and desiring success.
  2. Being intelligent and wise.
  3. Making decisive decisions.
  4. Being confident.
  5. Having self-drive.
  6. Possessing leadership abilities.

Some of these qualities are innate for some individuals, while others need to be acquired through learning. The exciting aspect of DSEU is that it will create for you the business leadership qualities that you don’t possess naturally.

DSEU hopes that when students leave the university, they will have acquired qualities they didn’t possess before, encompassing all the traits of a business leader. This will empower their future success and bring extraordinary meaning to changing the world.

This means that students cultivated by DSEU will transform from being self-centered to caring about others and society. They will master the hard skills of business and become individuals who appreciate happiness, enjoy fun, and maintain a positive attitude. They will also possess a global perspective where their success is intertwined with the success of the world and their prosperity is connected to the prosperity of the world. The students joining the first pioneer class will be developed into individuals who contribute 100% to the betterment of the world.

President Zhou mentioned that DSEU is a university that integrates the essence of both Eastern and Western cultures. The uniqueness of DSEU’s EMBA and MBA courses lies in their foundation in thousands of years of classical knowledge, a fusion of Eastern and Western traditions, innovative and great ideas, as well as crucial modern business school knowledge. The mission of building a university is to impart ancient wisdom to young people who have graduated from high school, those pursuing MBA/EMBA courses, or even individuals in their forties and fifties. The students who graduate from DSEU will undoubtedly experience complete and comprehensive development.

This explains the special value system of DSEU, namely: the world doesn’t come towards us, it comes from within us. The university advocates values that serve others, which in reality is serving every individual, including ourselves.

Furthermore, the most important aspect of DSEU’s distinctive education is the deep and extensive exploration, including comparative analysis, physical exercise, modern classical languages, mindfulness or meditation techniques, creative elective courses, and the constant pursuit of a vision that combines Eastern and Western cultures.

In conclusion, although the event of the DSEU open class on May 21, with the participation of 12 cities, delivering the torch of world wisdom, has come to an end, the vision, strategy, and mission of DSEU have been transmitted to people through the courses. Just as Geshe Michael Roach emphasized in the open class, DSEU derives its teachings from three sources:

  1. Ancient Western philosophical systems.
  2. Ancient Asian classical roots.
  3. The fusion of Eastern and Western wisdom.

By applying these three sources in combination, successful experiences, such as the creation of a diamond company in New York with an annual sales revenue of $250 million, have been realized through a thorough examination.

Therefore, DSEU is an extraordinary university where students who study here will achieve great success. It is believed that the open class on May 21 has touched the hearts of the audience, leaving them inspired by DSEU’s vision, mission, and values. The seeds of hope have been silently planted, and they will unknowingly change the entire world in the future.

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