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Why did they come?

In 2022, Diamond Silk Entrepreneur University (referred to as “DSEU”) was officially established. In March 2023, the Pioneer Class students are about to enroll, becoming the first batch of students in the history of DSEU.

As the first batch of students at DSEU, who are they? Why did they come?

To find out, we interviewed three students from the Pioneer Class.

Question: Mr. Li Yu, hello! You have been studying with your teacher for two years. Why did you still choose to enroll at DSEU?

Answer: Hello, everyone! I am thrilled to be one of the first students at DSEU. As an entrepreneur with a decade of experience, I have taken many detours in my life journey. I believe that attending DSEU is the best gift I can give myself for my ten years in entrepreneurship, as well as the best gift and motivation for my future next ten or even several decades.

I think my fellow classmates from the CSP (Consciousness, Science, and Practice) program are like me. After studying wisdom with Geshe Michael Roach, our lives have undergone significant changes. It can be said that CSP has given me a rebirth. In all aspects, such as personal and family health, relationships, wealth, happiness, and a sense of achievement, I have experienced a comprehensive and wonderful transformation.

CSP Class 2 has ended this year. I feel that no matter what, I want to continue learning with the teacher because I want to make the second half of my life happier, and more joyful, and achieve greater growth and deeper wisdom. Coincidentally, DSEU is about to be established, and I feel that this is a perfect opportunity given by fate. There is nothing better than entering DSEU to learn. It is an opportunity that cannot be bought with any amount of wealth. Because wisdom not only helps individuals and families but also benefits entire companies and even the whole world.

DSEU advocates the integration of Eastern and Western global roots. In my entrepreneurial journey, I have summarized that to accomplish something, a person needs not only a mindset but also practical skills. The mindset refers to how we perceive the world, the wisdom part, while the practical skills involve organizational structure, incentive systems, human resources, and so on, the scientific part of the practice. If we use the analogy of a seed system, it’s like the relationship between the seed and the mailman. DSEU systematically teaches the combination of mindset and practical skills, or seed and mailman. If we only have the mindset, we may be good person but not a successful one. If we only have practical skills and lack the mindset, we won’t go far. Therefore, since a university like DSEU has emerged to teach the integration of mindset and practical skills, I feel it is a must to learn without any hesitation. It is too rare; otherwise, we would spend a lot of time figuring it out on our own.

Globalization is something our generation and our children need to invest in learning. Only by studying with the teacher can we truly serve the whole world. In our system, having good teachers is crucial. By following Geshe Michael, Teacher Xiaoping, and Teacher Chen Tang-la, we can truly broaden our personal, family, and company international perspective.

Considering the above reasons, I believe that the opportunity to join DSEU has presented itself, and we should seize the time to learn from the teachers. It is an opportunity to change our lives. I believe that joining DSEU will change our lives and our families destinies. I hope more students will join us, become classmates, and together, we can change the world.

Question: Hello Yanbo! As a female entrepreneur, why did you choose to enroll at DSEU and become a member of the Pioneer Class?

Answer: First of all, I want to thank the teachers for giving me the opportunity to share as one of the first EMBA students.

Why did I enroll in the DSEU EMBA program? Everything I have now is because of my teachers—Geshe Michael, President Zhou Xiaoping, and Vice President Chen Tang. After meeting the teachers, I felt that all the beauty in my life began to flourish. I want to express my deepest gratitude to the three teachers. I am also very grateful to Class President Xu Weixiang from the CSP (Consciousness, Science, and Practice) program, who led me to CSP and gave me the opportunity to get close to the teachers.

On March 26, 2019, I met Geshe Michael Roach for the first time as a volunteer translator in pure gold. The first story Geshe Michael told me was the story of “Two Husbands,” which I really needed at that time. Since then, my life has started to evolve, and I feel that the few small good seeds within me have started to grow wildly because I met the teacher, this bright sun.

A year later, on April 23, 2020, I founded the Tongming Happiness Institute with my only colleague, Kong Yu. Today, after more than two and a half years of entrepreneurship, as a young entrepreneur, we have more than 100,000 paid students in 16 countries around the world, and we are learning ancient wisdom with these mothers. In terms of business, we have generated over 20 million in revenue.

Especially this year, with the support of the two teachers, the Tongming Happiness Institute became the youngest host of the DCIG Diamond Cutter Institute of Business. Recently, we rallied a group of brave Tongming family members and established the Tongming Diamond Mom Business School.

Looking back on these years of life’s journey, after meeting the teachers, my life has evolved as if I have activated cheat codes. I am also reflecting on where all this comes from. I am a very ordinary person, not particularly outstanding in myself, but because I met good teachers. As the classics say, good teachers are like bright suns that ripen all the beautiful seeds within us.

So, why did I have such good seeds that allowed me to become one of the first students at DSEU? I believe the core reason is serving the teachers. I am not here to study; I am here to serve the teachers. I do whatever the university needs the most. I think if everyone also wants the opportunity to get close to the teachers and continue learning wisdom, then do what the teachers need the most.

Some friends ask, how can we sow the seeds to enable ourselves or our children to study at DSEU? Have you ever had an experience where you meet someone and feel a strong desire to become stronger from the inside out? So, what does Geshe Michael want the most? What is the best service we can provide to the teachers? It is to become stronger from the inside out, to become more compassionate, and wiser, and to become an example that purely serves this world.

Lastly, I want to share a phrase with everyone: “Though the road is long, step by step we’ll reach it; though the task is difficult, with effort, it will be accomplished.” Grateful to the teachers, may more people come together, become classmates at DSEU, and grow together!

Question: NUKE, hello! Congratulations on soon officially entering DSEU. May I ask why you decided to enroll as one of the first batch of students?

Answer: Hello, everyone! I’m Nuke Zhou, and I come from Taiwan, China, but I am currently in the United Kingdom. DSEU EMBA program is truly exceptional, and I believe there is no other course like it anywhere in the world. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the teachings at DSEU are derived from ancient classical wisdom. Having previously participated in EMBA programs at other universities, I have come to appreciate the invaluable nature of the EMBA offered by DSEU.

So, why did I choose to enroll in this program? The thought that came to my mind was that I yearned to be close to classical wisdom and to serve the world, making it a better place. Therefore, I want to closely follow the wise instructors—Geshi Mike Roche, Teacher Zhou Xiaoping, and Teacher Chen Tang—because over the past two years, studying wisdom under their guidance in the Classical Soft Power CEO Class (CSP) has brought about tremendous changes in my life. With DSEU about to launch, I aspire to be among the first pioneers, so I applied to join the EMBA program.

I also invite all of you to join us and let us learn together at DSEU how to make this world a better place. I hope we can meet in Kyoto, Japan next time, and share our understanding of the world with each other. Let’s become students of the most renowned university in this world, shall we?

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