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At Diamond Silk Entrepreneur University
You will be learning to be a creator
Not just a manager
And ideally
You will be a creator of your own business
Not a manager of someone else’s

Our Name:Diamond Silk Entrepreneur University

We are, first and foremost, a business school, but one which intends to expand out to bring the concept of Global Roots to all the departments of a traditional Universiiy.

Secondly, we seek to bridge the great ideas of East & West, just as the Silk Road did, centuries ago. Bringing business people of both West & East closer together, for a more successful and more peaceful world.

Thirdly, we honor one of the greatest innovations of Asian culture with the word Diamond, for this is the traditional representation of the invaluable ancient Asian concept of “emptiness”. This idea of “emptiness,” for us, is itself a microcosm of the lack of awareness, or even misunderstanding, of Asian culture which has plagued East/West relationships historically, and especially in recent years.

It is ideas like this that you will learn at DSEU: Diamond, Silk, Entrepreneur, University. This means that—at DSEU—you will be learning to be a creator, not just a manager;and ideally a creator of your own business, not a manager of someone else’s.

Founding Principle: Global Roots

What makes us different is what we call Global Roots. We believe that when you graduate from DSEU, you will be able to build a successful, innovative business better than a graduate from any other business school or university in the world.

At the end of the Silk Road, there was a highly-developed culture—Asian culture—twice as old as the culture of the Greeks. Yes, it  had birthed technical advances: the invention of printing and paper itself; as well as porcelain, silk, and gunpowder. But the culture of Asia had also spewed forth almost countless advances in thinking—in the very stuff that every good university is made of.

Imagine a business school that offers you not just the great ideas of the Western half of the world, but also the great ideas of the Eastern half of the world. Here at DSEU, we call it Global Roots; and it is no exaggeration to say that you will be twice as powerful and creative graduating from such an institution. Twice as likely to succeed, and twice as likely to make a lasting contribution to all the people of our entire world—both West and East.

You could almost say that no business school in the world can ever ignore the constant task of West & East finding our common roots; our common needs; our common solutions. An MBA or EMBA who learns this one truth—of all the truths we can learn in an MBA or EMBA program—will, first of all, be much more successful, and infinitely more innovative, than any other businessperson. Secondly, this kind of successful graduate and businessperson—the one who really feels and utilizes the Global Roots, East & West—is automatically helping more people: making other people’s lives more secure, more comfortable, and at the same time more meaningful, and even elegant.

DSEU金大学术特色:The Deep Add-Ons

We are adding on extra features to your standard business-school coursework——We call this the “Deep Add-Ons.” We believe that these added features especiallyare what will make you an exceptional entrepreneur for the rest of your entire life.

  1. Compare & Contrast
    • During your finance management course, you will also be learning some Global Roots from ancient, classical traditions of both East and West that will help you manage your finances much much better than a normal business school graduate. For example, we might dig into some pages of a great book from the Tang Dynasty—the true glory days of traditional China—for some tips on managing business finances without competitive feelings, which (we know from our own actual profitable experience) will free up your mind to focus on even greater financial success.

  2. Physical exercise
    • Another type of Deep Add-On is the DSEU requirement, for all students and professors and staff, that you engage in some kind of physical exercise on a regular basis.
    • If your body is not healthy, it doesn’t matter if you have an EMBA or an MBA degree: you won’t be able to use your degree to the fullest—and if you fall victim to super-common businessperson diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure, your degree paper will be just something stuffed in a dusty drawer by your relatives, after your early death. You’ll thank us later.

  3. Modem and classical languages
    • DSEU will also be asking you to learn at least one modem foreign language, and develop a basic competency in one ancient language. Visiting other countries and learning a new language makes a businessperson’s intelligence for commerce explode; visiting other times in history and learning a new language is even more powerful—since the books that survive from ancient times hold the most valuable secrets for your business success.

  4. Mental focus or meditation
    • During your courses, you will also be learning some authentic, ancient mental focus or meditation techniques that will dramatically increase your learning ability, and particularly your creative and innovative abilities. Neither these, nor any other part of the DSEU curriculum, is religious in nature. But we do askthat you learn some fundamental focusing skills from the ancient classics—and that’s just one more thing that will make you a very special and successful businessperson when you graduate from DSEU.

  5. Creative electives
    • Electives play an important role at DSEU. As soon as you are accepted for enrollment at the University, you will be assigned an academic adviser who will work with you one-on-one to make sure that your course load includes at least one or two courses that you might very well help you balance your business studies with refreshing, creative studies like music, writing, acting, film, dance, or similar pursuits.

  6. Persistent vision of uniting East and West
    • Finally, we will throughout your coursework at DSEU continually encourage you to hold the vision that—as an EMBA or MBA graduating from this very unique university—you will go forth from our campus gates and do all that you can during the rest of your life to bring East & West together: to bring people together, worldwide. It’s so much better for business—for mutual profit between countries—and its so much better for building a beautiful, peaceful world where we can enjoy the fruits of our lifetime of doing business.

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