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In today’s world, both in the East and the West, the foundation of the modern university has its origins in Greece. Western-style universities are very popular all over the world, but there is not yet a university that has been able to truly integrate the great ideas of East and West. So we see a world where there is still a divide between the great ideas of the East and the great ideas of the West, between the modern and the ancient.

We hope to have a university that combines the best of East and West, with both the great aspects of the West, such as new technologies on outer space, mobile phones, Internet technology, big data, etc., but also with great personal insights and great human development systems, so that students can get complete and total development – this is the original intent of the establishment of Diamond Silk Entrepreneur University.

The spirit of DSEU is “Torch of Wisdom, Light for the World, which combines the wisdom of the East and the West, as well as today’s western management principles and the classical wisdom of the East from the perspective of holistic thinking, so as to make management more efficient, cool and innovative.

In Kyoto in June 2023, we ushered in the opening ceremony of DSEU, indicating that the first pioneer class freshmen officially started a new learning career.

At the beginning of the ceremony, President Xiaoping Zhou, Guiding Founder Geshe Michael Roach, Vice President Stanley Chen, and Professor Roxanne gave their blessings for the ceremony.

Looking back at the past and looking forward to the future

President Prof. Xiaoping Zhou

Four years ago, the idea of building Diamond Silk Entrepreneur University began to gestate. In the blink of an eye, by 2022, DSEU had landed from the blueprint to reality. In April, DSEU purchased its first building in Sedona, and began its construction of the Western Campus – Sedona Campus. On May 3, DSEU was officially registered in Arizona, USA.

There is a special story I’d like to share with you. On May 3, Geshela suddenly said that we would go to Peru to see the wonder of the world, Machu Picchu. Our tourist guide said that the place, known as the City in the Sky, had been a very selected university for the elite nobility hundreds of years ago. After going down the mountain, I turned on my computer that evening and found that I received an email at past three o’clock, confirming that DSEU was registered successfully. The mail arrived just at the time when we were told that Machu Picchu had been an aristocratic university. So it was a very special beginning.

Then it came to September 26, 2022, when the founding ceremony of DSEU was officially held in Kyoto, which marked that the university was officially born. September 26 became the anniversary of the founding of DSEU.

Time flies, six months later, we are here today to hold a grand opening celebration. I personally feel the uniqueness of DSEU. We have ushered in the first pioneer class of DSEU. All of you present are brave souls, and you see with your heart the beautiful vision of integrating the modern knowledge of the West and the classical wisdom of the East. The purpose behind this vision is peace.

If we water this beautiful vision with our sincere hearts, our lives will become really beautiful, like the beauty and purity of the cherry blossoms in full bloom, and we will light up the lives of ourselves and others. As described in the motto of DSEU: Torch of Wisdom, Light for the World.

Times change and DSEU stays alive

Geshe Michael Roach, Founder of DSEU

Princeton University is my Alma mater. It has a weekly magazine for the alumni where they interview the incoming freshmen about what they have done to help the world, keep an update on each former class, and feature the life stories of deceased alumni with their photos upon their enrollment in the last few pages.

While reading the magazine, I realized that just as the metaphor “at ironclad barracks, old soldiers go away and new ones come, just like running water,” the university will welcome a new generation of students, and this cohort will age and usher in a new generation.

Like now, we will have our first class, and we will learn a lot here, but one day, all of you will have to leave this university, but the university is almost immortal, the university will continue to survive, it will continue to help every generation in the future.

This is our mission, to work together to build a university that brings together the best of East and West, that will last, that will help people, that will help the world.

Disasters and conflicts that would have occurred will be avoided

Vice President Professor Stanley Chen

Today is a very festive day. It is also the first day of much hard work and great effort ahead, and the future will be filled with all kinds of joy and tears.

There is the word “Diamond” in our university name, which represents the wisdom of emptiness in ancient Asian wisdom. Emptiness means the infinite potential in anything, which means that what it becomes depends entirely on our commitment and effort.

We have a very grand and beautiful vision for DSEU, and we believe that through the creation, birth and continuation of DSEU, all conflicts in the world can be eliminated.

This grand dream seems to be quite far away to reach, but in fact because of its “emptiness,” everything is possible.

Today is just the beginning, and in my mind I have already begun to imagine that by the great effect of today, I see all of you in the future will become more successful, powerful, and loving entrepreneurs.

I can see that even conflicts and disasters that would have occurred in the future can be avoided because of today’s efforts!

East meets West for unlimited achievements

Dr. Roxanne

Philosophers have found that connecting East and West will lead to greater wisdom and success, but no university has ever attempted such a valuable and worthy goal.

Many universities seek to bestow knowledge on students, but DSEU not only seeks to bestow knowledge and enlightenment of wisdom on students but does so to create a better world for everyone, through the efforts of each and every DSEU student. I am so honored to serve you all and be part of such a worthy vision and mission!

At the end of the opening ceremony, it was a moment of honor and sweetness. The four professors helped each pioneer class student put on the university badge, which was both an honor and a responsibility, meaning that they had officially become a member of DSEU, and that they would use the wisdom taught by DSEU with a new identity to light up themselves and others.

Geshe Michael Roach, Guiding Founder of DSEU, personally lit the fire of wisdom, which was then passed on to everyone present one by one, to send blessings to DSEU and the world, and to dedicate the torch in their hands to the world with hope and love, across space and time!

Passing on the torch to light up the world

Torch of Wisdom – Light for the World

The Legacy

Leave a light, leave a future, keep the light and beauty alive;

Pass on a piece of wisdom, pass on a piece of heart, recite hope and love;

For the sake of a bright future, we take over the torch of wisdom,

Hold the light of wisdom and pass it on from generation to generation!

DSEU is making history. This is an important day. It makes history no longer just a term. We are about to create here the beginning of the union of wisdom of the East and the West, which is happening for the first time in 2,000 years. It is the signal for the beginning of peace and success, and it is the moment for every student to reach new heights in life.

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