Which program is right for you?

Maybe an EMBA is perfect for you!

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, of your actual course of study as an EMBA or MBA candidate at DSEU. Again, the founding principle here is that you will be (1) acquiring the traditional business school competencies needed to start and operate a business; and (2) mastering the deeper ideas inside both Western and Eastern classical culture that will give you the power to succeed, wherever you do business in the entire world-the entire global market.

Below, you will find an outline of the exact courses that you will be required to take at DSEU, in order to complete your EMBA or MBA degree. Let’s take a look at each one, separately.

Pretend you are the founder and chairman of a very successful company in China, but you were so busy getting your business going that-much like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs in the United States-you didn’t have time to finish your MBA degree. Still, you (and especially your mother) would like to get this degree finished, for a number of reasons.

First of all, it’s always better to finish up things, like your education, that you’ve started! It’s also good, in international business circles, to be able to show that you have an accredited business degree-it opens up all kinds of doors. Finally, you might have some weak points in your business knowledge (finance? human resources?) that you would like to strengthen before you go further in your life and business.

But because you are already into the business world, you definitely do not have time to park at a physical campus for long periods at a time. If you fit this description, then the EMBA course of DSEU is perfect for you: it’s designed for busy Executives who want a Master of Business Administration degree.

We’ll be helping you get through your degree within 18 months, with a lot of your coursework completed online on weekends; serious credit for your current and past business activities; and weekends of carefully curated master classes in person, once every 3 months, at one of our campuses most convenient for you.

You’ll be completing 12 courses, for a total of 36 academic credits, in order to get your degree. The actual courses are listed below.

Or perhaps you'd like a traditional MBA!

If you’re a person who’s just starting out on their business career, or is not too deep into it already, then you might want to commit to a full 24 months in our traditional MBA degree program, with a fuller mix of in-person and online course work.

Our traditional MBA degree will take you through 14 courses, and a total of 42 credits, and in addition to your online sessions, you’ll be expected to attend classes in person at one of our two campuses for periods of 2 weeks each, four times per year.

The great advantage of this approach is that you immerse yourself in a foreign culture, which in itself is one of the greatest things you can learn to help your future business life. Most importantly, you will build strong friendships and connections with fellow students and professors that will support you and your business for the rest of your career. And given the selection of core competencies in our traditional MBA program, you will upon graduating walk into your future business with all the skills you will need to start and operate it successfully.

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