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March in Kyoto is a world of cherry blossoms. Each blossom, each cluster, paints a picture of early spring like a rosy cloud. According to “The Great Encyclopedia of Sakura,” cherry blossoms are native to the Himalayas. They were brought to Japan by the Japanese envoy to Tang Dynasty China and became the national flower of Japan. The history of cherry cultivation and distribution for over 2,000 years also represents a history of global cultural exchange.

At the end of March 2023, during this season of abundant cherry blossoms, the Diamond Silk Road Entrepreneurship University, which combines the essence of Eastern and Western cultures, commenced its wisdom-sharing. The DSEU MBA/EMBA program is scheduled to officially begin in June 2023. Guided by the esteemed founding personality, Professor Geshe Michael Roach, and DSEU President Professor Zhou Xiaoping, a serene and beautiful tea house in Kyoto becomes the setting for them to share the wonderful story of DSEU.

President Zhou Xiaoping:

“Professor Geshe Michael Roach, as the cherry blossoms bloom, DSEU is celebrating its grand opening. Could you share your thoughts on this occasion?”

Professor Geshe Michael Roach:

“I feel absolutely fantastic! It’s my first time visiting Japan during the cherry blossom season, and this trip to Kyoto has been truly wonderful. I believe that holding the inauguration ceremony during this season holds significant meaning.”

President Zhou Xiaoping:

“Could you elaborate on that?”

Professor Geshe Michael Roach:

“When all the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, they not only provide a visual feast but also emit a delightful fragrance as you approach the trees. The Japanese people are fascinating; they dress up in their finest attire and stroll alongside the cherry blossom trees. The ladies wear beautiful kimonos, and the gentlemen wear outerwear over their kimonos. They truly enjoy walking around the cherry blossoms.”

“I initially thought that for the locals, who see cherry blossoms every year, it wouldn’t be a novelty anymore. However, to my surprise, they still come out enthusiastically to appreciate the blossoms. Today, I witnessed them joyfully walking up and down the streets, thoroughly enjoying themselves. So, I feel that the first class at DSEU is just like the blooming flowers. The door of wisdom should open in beautiful surroundings.”

“Just look at this room, it’s beautiful, and the tea house is beautiful too, not to mention the beautiful people present. Of course, our professors will be even more wonderful and exciting. I believe that the commencement of the courses should be like the blossoming of cherry flowers, exuding a fragrant and abundant of wisdom that attracts people in droves. I am confident that the entire journey of DSEU’s development will be as marvelous as this.”

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