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What kind of towering tree will grow from a single seed?

What kind of magical world will be created by a single thought?

Searching for the original seed of DSEU.

DSEU, is rooted in that seed.

DSEU is an internal “code name” or “nickname” within the Classical Soft Power Global CEO Class (CSP). DSEU, whose full name is “Diamond Silk Road Entrepreneurship University,” allows us to witness the magical power of a seed.

We are a fortunate group of people because we have personally witnessed and participated in the founding process of DSEU. We have witnessed the entire “magical and yet real” journey of DSEU, from the initial idea in 2019 to its official establishment in 2022. In the spring of 2023, DSEU will welcome its first batch of MBA and EMBA students in Kyoto, Japan, officially embarking on a journey to cultivate talents who possess a deep understanding of both Eastern and Western cultures, are well-versed in classics, and are committed to serving the world.

In August 2018, we entered the first cohort of the CSP class. Over the next 18 months, under the guidance of our instructors, we delved deep into mining the classics and applied them in real business practices. After graduation, we continued to volunteer in the recruitment efforts for the second and third cohorts of CSP, immersing ourselves in the CSP community. Over the past few years, the personal transformation of our classmates can be described as a “complete metamorphosis,” involving not only the accumulation of wealth and harmonious relationships but also a profound evolution and growth in our lives. What is even more important is that we have witnessed numerous incredible stories of creation and transformation unfold within the CSP community. Among them, the most “magical” story is the journey of “DSEU” starting from a mere idea and becoming a reality through planning and implementation. Throughout the history of human civilization, whether it is the rise of a kingdom or the construction of a house, it all begins with that initial thought.

Young people from around the world will venture into various fields of entrepreneurship in the future.

Why establish this university?

Why establish this university? This is our common question. The founders of DSEU—Geshe Michael Roach, Teacher Zhou Xiaoping, Teacher Chen Tang, and their team—already have multiple educational training institutions worldwide, such as DCI, ACI, YSI, CSP, where tens of thousands of people globally listen to their teachings and guidance in various ways each year. There is no shortage of educational training platforms or teachers. Without personal experience, it is difficult to fathom the immense difficulty, extensive preparation time, and overwhelming tasks involved in creating a university. Just the process of educational accreditation alone requires five to ten years, along with substantial human, material, and financial resources.

The direction of action lies in the demands of the masses. In the eyes of Geshe Michael Roach, Teacher Zhou Xiaoping, and Teacher Chen Tang, as long as there is a demand from the masses, they will do their utmost to meet it, without placing excessive importance on the difficulty of the task. In their view, love and compassion for society and the masses will inevitably translate into boundless resources and power. The teachers have told us that ancient Eastern classical wisdom can maximize the value of Western science and technology, lead more people towards personal freedom, health, and happiness, reduce conflicts, wars, and diseases in the world, and enable humanity to enjoy more harmony, tranquility, and beauty. Such a vision is worthy of our efforts.

Ancient wisdom should benefit more young people. University education serves as an important threshold for individuals, especially young people, to integrate into society and gain recognition and respect. The global worldview education system (including DCI, ACI, YSI, CSP, etc.) has not reached a large enough audience, especially failing to cater to a broader youth population. If Eastern ancient wisdom can be integrated into students’ “belief systems” during early university education, it will have a profound impact on their lives. Through the success of students and the power of role models, it will inspire more people to learn and practice this special wisdom.

The future vision of DSEU is to promote cultural exchange between the East and the West and serve young people, especially students in the early stages of entrepreneurship. With Eastern classical wisdom at its core, the university aims to help them establish belief systems and reconstruct a new business civilization that is free from competition and harm. Such a vision holds extraordinary significance for the world today and is worthy of anticipation.

Students from various cultural backgrounds communicate with each other, enhancing trust and inclusiveness.

Who is calling for the establishment of a university?

It is not the teachers, as they do not need a university.

It is us, we are the ones who need a university to pursue wisdom.

It is the world, this world needs a university to inherit wisdom.

What kind of university is DSEU?

Many people are curious about what kind of university DSEU will become.

DSEU’s distinctive feature is its global integration and collaboration. Students at DSEU come from all over the world, encompassing both Western and Eastern cultures. They have different cultural backgrounds and growth needs. Here, they learn together, communicate with each other, and foster trust and inclusiveness. Through the pursuit of wisdom and unique practical experiences, students will gain unparalleled growth experiences. The most direct transformation in learning is that students from different cultural backgrounds and regions face the same world, reducing barriers and misunderstandings while increasing trust and friendship.

Eastern classical wisdom forms the profound foundation of DSEU. DSEU not only offers various disciplines traditionally taught in universities but also introduces courses on ancient Eastern wisdom. These courses aim to provide young students with a new belief system that aligns with the laws of the universe and all things, answering deep questions about the origins and workings of the universe and how humans should live, think, and attain the best life experiences.

Training in both the body and consciousness is the most outstanding practical feature of DSEU. DSEU’s practical courses will be unique, incorporating various training methods that transform students’ bodies and consciousness. Through systematic practices such as meditation and yoga, students will attain a calmer state of consciousness and a healthier body, fundamentally transforming and elevating the form of life and increasing the degree of freedom and happiness in life.

Images spanning across time and space merge in the depths of consciousness.

Why is it us?

In 2019, the idea of establishing DSEU sprouted in the minds of the teachers, and for the past three years, we have been fortunate to be involved in the preparation process of DSEU. Many people ask: why is it us?

The answer may lie in the career blueprint of Geshe Michael Roach. For over thirty years, Geshe Michael, Teacher Chen Tang, and Teacher Zhou Xiaoping have been dedicated to seeking ancient wisdom classics globally and assembling teams to protect these classics. Over a decade ago, the three teachers established the “Pure Gold” translation team, which has since nurtured hundreds of exceptional translators from around the world, dedicating countless efforts to promote cultural exchanges between the East and the West and the global dissemination of ancient classics. In 2019, the Classic Soft Power Global Executive Program (CSP) was established and has trained over a hundred gentlemen businessmen who possess deep knowledge of Chinese traditional culture and ancient wisdom, actively safeguarding, inheriting, and developing this wisdom system from all aspects.

Is it a coincidence? From the many trajectories that have already happened and will continue, we seem to see the subtle connections that conform to the truth between things.

Is it luck? Spanning across millennia, those images from dreams, preserved deep within the consciousness in the ancient capital of Kyoto, seem to resurface once again.

We are more convinced that 2,500 years ago, the great sages sent us, this special group, a “message in a bottle,” allowing us to interpret the information about what “should have happened.”

We no longer doubt that we are that special group of people. We will spread “classic wisdom” throughout the world, benefiting and assisting various groups of people.

We firmly believe that because of this special mission and the intersection that spans across millennia, our lives will surely shine brilliantly.

The spark of our dreams is finally ignited here.

Dreams become a reality.

In Kyoto, Japan, those wonderful scenes of the Diamond Silk Entrepreneurship University become clearer and clearer. The dream has finally become a reality!

September 26, 2022, is destined to be a historic and glorious day. On this day, over 50 participants and witnesses from around the world, together with dozens of business elites, entrepreneurs, and volunteers from Japan, witnessed the inauguration ceremony of the Diamond Silk Entrepreneurship University.

Each attendee was dressed in festive attire, attentively listening to the three founders’ vision and blueprint for DSEU, personally experiencing the unique atmosphere of DSEU’s classrooms, and enjoying a magnificent feast of ideas! We are grateful to be born in this prosperous era, and we express our gratitude to our beloved teachers!

The teachers said, “The greatness of a university lies in the masters and the talents.”

The teachers also said, “The reason why a university can be established is because of a group of dedicated individuals and the perseverance of everyone’s hearts. With determination, ideals can be realized!”

We no longer worry because we are guided by the wise along the way. We no longer hesitate because we have had the privilege of participating in this great endeavor. What will be the most valuable legacy we leave for future generations in this lifetime? It must be every bit of effort we put into the construction of DSEU.

CSP Class Graduate, Xiong Xing, November 23, 2022.

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