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A living example is the best educational technique of all.

we are living the high ancient wisdom that we inject into our university.
We take, from the beginning, this truth of actually living what we teach, as the highest level of the interaction between DSEU and the outside world.

Source of the Founding Power

Diamond Silk Entrepreneur University—among all the MBA & EMBA programs in the world—is, frankly, the best place in the world you can go to learn the Global Roots and apply them to major, global, business endeavors. First of all, that’s just where we come from! We have three founding directors who have all been there before.

Senior Founder Director:Geshe Michael Roach

Our senior founding director is Geshe Michael Roach. Michael is an American who graduated from Princeton University with honors, and has received the Presidential Scholar Medal from the president of the United States, at the White House. He is also one of the founders of Andin International of Manhattan—which as an entrepreneur himself, Michael helped build into a global, East-West diamond jewelry company.

The firm went from zero to US$250 million in annual sales; and in 2009 was successfully sold to super-investor Warren Buffett, becoming a part of his Richline Jewelry Group—a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mr. Buffett’s famed Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate.

Michael is also an internationally-known business speaker and author; as well as one of the world’s leading experts in ancient Asian literature; he is the first American in history to be granted the degree of Geshe—or “master of classical literature,/—after graduating from the 25-year course at a traditional Asian university.

The president of DSEU : Zhou Xiaoping

The president of DSEU is Zhou Xiaoping, a young entrepreneur from Shenzhen, China who has co-founded a number of highly successful commercial startups; charities; and cultural preservation organizations. These include Future Diamond Institute, active globally in business & management training programs; and Pure Gold, a large international business translation company with over 50 active translators.

Xiaoping herself is also a translator of ancient Asian classical literature, concentrating on the field of ethics. Her university studies in Xiamen, China, also focused on modem spoken and written English translation for businesses; she is as well a professor at the Sedona College of International Management in the United State and a senior teacher for the Diamond Cutter International Global business education company.

The vice-president:Stanley Chen

Our university vice-president is Stanley Chen, who is a co-founder of the above-mentioned Future Diamond Institute, and Pure Gold technical translation company. His university studies in China focused on human resources, which has helped him build a strong international team for his successful business endeavors, reaching from a number of countries in Asia to America and Europe.

He is as well a translator of ancient Asian classics, specializing in epistemological literature from the 4th Century up to the lang Dynasty of the late 8th Century. Stanley is also a professor at SCIM in the United States, and a senior teacher for DCIG.

Location of the East & West Campuses

We have carefully selected the locations of the East and West campuses of DSEU, to make it most convenient for students in both Asia and the West to attend. The West Campus is located in Sedona, Arizona, in the United States. Sedona is a beautiful small city 1.5 hours flying time from Los Angeles; it is quite close to the Grand Canyon, the most popular tourist destination in the entire United States. We feel it is the perfect place to focus on your business degree studies, in a safe atmosphere, with both American and Chinese professors and staff in attendance.

The East Campus is located in Kyoto, Japan, which is for example only a2to3 hour flight from many of China’s major cities. This means, for example, that parents can easily visit their MBA student daughter or son, especially because Japanese visas are so easy to get for visitors from almost any country. This campus will also feature both Chinese and American professors and staff.


Stilt companies in both Asia and the West need a city where they can easily come together and work with each other to build global businesses. We the founding directors of DSEU predict that Kyoto is perfectly positioned to provide this world center-point: only a few hours’ flight from all the major Asian business players, and yet still very open and easy to travel to for Western business players.

History & culture

Kyoto has absorbed and further developed to a high degree the highest features of the arts, culture, commerce, philosophy, and literature from influences such as the Tang Dynasty of 8th century China. A person who travels widely can easily identify Kyoto as a place of genuine elegance and grace; even just listening to the absence of impolite motorists honking their car horns at each other is really noticeable in this dty. Simply being in Kyoto, a city surrounded by peaceful mountain forests and historic temples, makes people from almost any country feel more uplifted and inspired—and this is an important factor in all international business, even if international businesspeople often fail to recognize it.

DSEU and World

A great university interacts with the world in many ways. First and most important, DSEU—like any other great university—sees our responsibility as creating great graduates who affect the whole world outside the university.

In our case, above all, our graduates affect the world simply by recognizing and living by the Global Roots of both the West and the East in our world.

Given the roots that DSEU itself has grown from— decades of work to preserve and make available to the world the great literature of Asian history—the university will in time inevitably help continue this production of high-level academic research. And DSEU will also continue a tradition of making this high-level research immediately available to and relevant to the lives of normal people, everywhere.

Finally, many years of experience by the founding directors of DSEU have taught us that a living example is the best educational technique of all. DSEU students and staff, here inside the life of the university, will constantly be encouraged to conduct our activities within the university, and with each other, in such a kind, thoughtful, and mutually supportive way that observers from the outside can see that we are actually living the high ancient wisdom that we inject into our university.

We take, from the beginning, this truth of actually living what we teach, as the highest level of the interaction between DSEU and the outside world.

And we thank you, in advance, for having the courage to support the University as a member of the Pioneer Generation. There is a famous picture hanging on the wall at Nassau Hall—the first major building at Princeton University—of several members of the Pioneer Generation of that university, first founded 276 years ago, in 1746. Not all of them received a paper degree; but all of them were directly responsible for one of the greatest institutions of learning in history!

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