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In September 26,2022, Diamond Silk Entrepreneur University was officially founded.Let’s listen to the words of the founders—

We built Diamond Silk Entrepreneur University as an international business school that issues MBA and EMBA degrees with full American-recognized accreditation.
What makes us different is what call Global Roots.
We seek to bridge the great ideas of East & West, just as the Silk Road did, centuries ago.
At DSEU, you will be learning to be a creator, not just a manager, and ideally a creator of your own business, not a manager of someone else’s.

Diamond Silk Entrepreneur University, isn’t it super cool?

What you want to know about DSEU is ready for you. Let’s get into DSEU and learn about it together. Welcome more of you who want to create business and serve the world by building DSEU with us!

1.Why is the university established?

“And those same friends ask me, why on earth, at age 70, are you helping to start such a major project—a fully US-accredited, EMBA and MBA university, with campuses in both the United States and in Asia?”

“My answer is: Because I believe in this university. I believe in the power of a snowball!”

2.What is the founding principles of DSEU?

It is ideas like this that you will learn at DSEU: Diamond, Silk, Entrepreneur, University. 

Imagine a business school that offers you not just the great ideas of the Western half of the world, but also the great ideas of the Eastern half of the world. Here at DSEU, we call it Global Roots; and it is no exaggeration to say that you will be twice as powerful and creative graduating from such an institution. Twice as likely to succeed, and twice as likely to make a lasting contribution to all the people of our entire world—both West and East.

We believe that when you graduate from DSEU, you will be able to build a successful, innovative business better than a graduate from any other business school or university in the world.

3.What is the educational technique of DSEU?

A great university interacts with the world in many ways. First and most important, DSEU—like any other great university—sees our responsibility as creating great graduates who affect the whole world outside the university.

Many years of experience by the founding directors of DSEU have taught us that a living example is the best educational technique of all. DSEU students and staff, here inside the life of the university, will constantly be encouraged to conduct our activities within the university, and with each other, in such a kind, thoughtful, and mutually supportive way.

4.Who will fit in EMBA program in DSEU?

Pretend you are the founder and chairman of a very successful company in China, but you were so busy getting your business going that—much like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs in the United States—you didn’t have time to finish your MBA degree.

But because you are already into the business world, you definitely do not have time to park at a physical campus for long periods at a time. If you fit this description, then the EMBA course of DSEU is perfect for you: it’s designed for busy Executives who want a Master of Business Administration degree.

5.Who will fit in MBA program in DSEU?

If you’re a person who’s just starting out on your business career, or is not too deep into it already, then you might want to commit to a full 24 months in our traditional MBA degree program, with a fuller mix of in-person and online course work.

The great advantage of this approach is that you immerse yourself in a foreign culture, which in itself is one of the greatest things you can learn to help your future business life. Most importantly, you will build strong friendships and connections with fellow students and professors that will support you and your business for the rest of your career. And given the selection of core competencies in our traditional MBA program, you will upon graduating walk into your future business with all the skills you will need to start and operate it successfully.

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