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In late March 2023, amidst the blooming cherry blossoms, DSEU, a fusion of Eastern and Western cultural essence, embarked on its journey of wisdom. The inaugural classes of the DSEU MBA/EMBA program are set to commence in June 2023. Guided by the founding persona, Professor Geshe Michael Roach, and the university president, Professor Zhou Xiaoping, the serene and picturesque tea room in Kyoto served as the backdrop for their captivating narration of DSEU remarkable tale.

About the future of DSEU

President Zhou Xiaoping:

Professor Geshe Michael Roach, greetings! As the guiding figure behind DSEU, how do you envision the future of the university?

Professor Geshe Michael Roach:

Having personally founded several different organizations, I have cherished memories of their early days. During the initial stages, I couldn’t foresee their vibrant growth and significance. However, many of these organizations did flourish into large entities, achieving tremendous success.

With the establishment of DSEU, I can sense that it is like a small fire igniting in a dry forest, destined to rapidly spread. Although I cannot predict the future, I do feel that exciting things are on the horizon. Whether it’s the founding philosophy, the wisdom, or the integration with the Western educational system, I believe people have resonated with these concepts.

I feel that the Western education system has gradually become dry, tasteless, and lacking innovation. DSEU, on the other hand, is injecting fresh blood into other universities and is set to become a mainstream exemplar.

For decades, we have dedicated ourselves to collecting classical texts, preserving wisdom, and digitizing these texts. We have also embarked on translation and scholarly study. However, our bottleneck has been the inability to widely disseminate this knowledge and allow the masses to apply wisdom in modern life.

I believe the President can explore various strategies to break through this bottleneck. But how can we unlock this constraint? In reality, it requires extensive training. Both students and faculty need rigorous training in studying classical wisdom. This training itself is an arduous task undertaken by the university. Whether it’s studying classics or passing down wisdom, you will discover that the deeper you delve into the curriculum, the sweeter it becomes, and the greater contribution it can make. In the future, we must continue to help people acquire the ability to study classical texts and understand the principles contained within them. This is a far-reaching endeavor, and our responsibilities are great.

“Diamond Cutter” is the first book translated by the Mix Nut team, and we consider it the most important. I believe that with these classical texts, we can attract many special individuals to come here. They will be drawn to these concepts and the wisdom they encapsulate. They are the special and extraordinary people that the university will attract.

President Zhou Xiaoping:

So, what makes someone special? What kind of talent will our university attract?

Professor Geshe Michael Roach :

Those who yearn for wisdom are truly exceptional individuals. In today’s age, the online world is filled with temptations, and most people spend eight hours a day glued to their phones, immersed in the virtual realm. However, there is a small group of people in this world whose hearts long for wisdom. It’s a profound desire that has been ingrained in them since childhood. They yearn to seek something more significant, profound, and beautiful. These individuals are rare.

Our university will act like a magnet, attracting these exceptional talents. They are highly sensitive and exceptionally intelligent, and they will be moved by what our university has to offer.

President Zhou Xiaoping:

They will come to our university?

Professor Geshe Michael Roach:

Yes, as we sit here in this tea room with a distinct Tang Dynasty style, I don’t believe it’s a coincidence. This morning, we held the first class of DSEU here, and it wasn’t something we planned in advance. As we were searching for a venue, they mentioned that this tea house was available, and we ended up settling there. I believe it’s not a coincidence but rather because we are deeply drawn to the Tang Dynasty.

The Tang Dynasty thrived because people had a deep longing for the wisdom brought back from distant lands. Behind us stands the Great Wild Goose Pagoda, where these classical wisdom texts were translated. I believe similar things will happen here.

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